Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Training resumed

After a thorough resting period (surprisingly well behaved for me!) I resumed training this afternoon. My physio came from the hospital to do a check on how I am keeping and to assess me when walking.

Needless to say she was spot on about needing to use the mask - I felt so much better using it, and was able to walk at a faster pace, plus I felt less shakey afterwards. It also enabled me to walk and talk, although my physio did tell me on several occasions to concentrate on breathing (though this might have simply been to give her ears a rest from my incessant chattering!)

The walk went well, my physio was pleased with how well my oxygen saturations stayed up, and I was thrilled with the pace I was able to keep with my mask on. So it is a big YAY all round.
I am hoping to resume twice weekly training and now I am using my mask, will gently increase the distance as well.

We now haveY over 50 angels which is absolutely fantastic! We have also passed the £1000 mark which is just incredible in such a short space of time. I am over the moon, but it simply makes me want to raise even more money! I am just so excited about the thought of being able to walk across that finish line.


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Just catching up with your training. Looks good and at this rate you'll probably beat me round! :0)