Monday, May 08, 2006

Stairs! YAY!

Not strictly part of my training regime, but on Saturday I went to visit some friends who live in a flat which is up 2 flights of stairs.

Last time I went, I was carried, which I did rather enjoy, but I decided this time that I wanted to give the stairs a shot myself. So with my lovely friend carrying my O2, I walked (albeit extremely slowly!) up one flight of stairs, stopped for a slightly lengthy breather, then walked up the second.

It sounds small, it took about 10 minutes, but I cant really express how damn chuffed I feel. I wanted to run around punching the air and cheering, but was rather tired!! Not feeling any real ill affects except for quite a bit of chest pain today, but I get chest pain regularly and it isnt anything some painkillers cant fix...

Proof my training is working, and that excercise is beneficial! YAY!

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Simba said...

Hurrah! Yay for you Ms Emily xxx