Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Pause in training.

Technically yesterday should have been one of my training days, but am feeling a little under the weather so being sensible (first time for everything) and taking it easy.

My lungs are ok but my heart rate is dancing around at a phenomenal speed, therefore I thought pushing myself probably wasnt a good plan last night. I went to watch a friends play, which involved a limited amount of walking, so that will do for Tuesday's session. Plus Saturday's mountain climbing was an extra session, and I knew that I would have to be flexible and inconsistent in my training so I am trying not to feel annoyed at having to miss it.

It is frustrating, as I am a rather overexcitable 22 year old with 100 year old lungs (one lung function test gave me the reading of "lung age: over 100 years" - charming!) so really would like to just bounce up and down the road in a repetitive and child-like manner. Not only would my lungs not tolerate that, I think my family would disown me, so I shall be calm and well behaved instead!

Edit - I just phoned my physio to have a chat, and told her I may or may not have got a bit overexcited on Saturday and done two flights of stairs, to which she howled with laughter, before confirming that yes, that may indeed be why I am currently feeling a little bit under the weather. She explained that stairs is one of the tougher cardiovascular exercises (they use it as a recovery assessment post transplant) and so she is extremely impressed that I managed it and not at all surprised that my body is somewhat cross with me. I have been instructed to take it easy till next tuesday, when she is coming here and we will go for a walk together.

She also thinks I should use the mask when exercising, which in all honesty I am really not very happy about as I have never worn my oxygen mask in public before. It makes me look like Darth Vader, I might scare small children. Nevermind. But it is just another hurdle really, and I am sure once I have been out once wearing it I will be fine.


Flipper said...

Hi Emily,
Let me know if you want me to come with you for a walk - I look particularly foolish in my cycle helmet so this could be a distracting tactic from your Darth Vader mask! Also if wheeling my bicycle, I can carry more emergency snacks...

Anonymous said...

Never mind what people think Emily, if they know why you looked like Darth vader they'd think twice at saying anything. as always I think your a real shining star, You rock!!