Thursday, May 25, 2006

Finding the balance

I have been rather bad and not had a proper training session since last Tuesday. This is for a variety of reasons. Life with a mouse-sized lung function is all about compromise. Actually, I suspect life is all about compromise wherever and whoever you are, but I digress. You have to learn to plan ahead, and to calculate "amount of energy spent" for each activity (bearing in mind getting dressed counts as a physical activity) and then work out if you have enough to do everything you want to do, and if not, something has to go.

Last week was a tough week emotionally as I wrote about in my
other blog, and being the slightly emotional person I am it involved some tears, which seem to affect my body much like a day at the athletics track should. I also need to ensure I am well for this forthcoming weekend, as it is the hen weekend of a rather amazing friend, and I am extremely over excited and want to be there for as much of it as I can.

So as a result, the training has been bumped. I have had to wear my mask quite a lot over the last week or so just to alleviate breathlessness at rest, so it's probably a good thing that I am not striding about the town at present! I am thoroughly looking forward to restarting after next week, and am really motivated by reading how other team members are doing with their training, I will hopefully add them as weblinks along the side of this page. Please please dont forget to sponsor us (
click here to do so now!) the promise of muchly fundraising is after all how I have persuaded over 50 ladies to don pink and sparkly wings in the middle of Hyde park!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Training resumed

After a thorough resting period (surprisingly well behaved for me!) I resumed training this afternoon. My physio came from the hospital to do a check on how I am keeping and to assess me when walking.

Needless to say she was spot on about needing to use the mask - I felt so much better using it, and was able to walk at a faster pace, plus I felt less shakey afterwards. It also enabled me to walk and talk, although my physio did tell me on several occasions to concentrate on breathing (though this might have simply been to give her ears a rest from my incessant chattering!)

The walk went well, my physio was pleased with how well my oxygen saturations stayed up, and I was thrilled with the pace I was able to keep with my mask on. So it is a big YAY all round.
I am hoping to resume twice weekly training and now I am using my mask, will gently increase the distance as well.

We now haveY over 50 angels which is absolutely fantastic! We have also passed the £1000 mark which is just incredible in such a short space of time. I am over the moon, but it simply makes me want to raise even more money! I am just so excited about the thought of being able to walk across that finish line.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Pause in training.

Technically yesterday should have been one of my training days, but am feeling a little under the weather so being sensible (first time for everything) and taking it easy.

My lungs are ok but my heart rate is dancing around at a phenomenal speed, therefore I thought pushing myself probably wasnt a good plan last night. I went to watch a friends play, which involved a limited amount of walking, so that will do for Tuesday's session. Plus Saturday's mountain climbing was an extra session, and I knew that I would have to be flexible and inconsistent in my training so I am trying not to feel annoyed at having to miss it.

It is frustrating, as I am a rather overexcitable 22 year old with 100 year old lungs (one lung function test gave me the reading of "lung age: over 100 years" - charming!) so really would like to just bounce up and down the road in a repetitive and child-like manner. Not only would my lungs not tolerate that, I think my family would disown me, so I shall be calm and well behaved instead!

Edit - I just phoned my physio to have a chat, and told her I may or may not have got a bit overexcited on Saturday and done two flights of stairs, to which she howled with laughter, before confirming that yes, that may indeed be why I am currently feeling a little bit under the weather. She explained that stairs is one of the tougher cardiovascular exercises (they use it as a recovery assessment post transplant) and so she is extremely impressed that I managed it and not at all surprised that my body is somewhat cross with me. I have been instructed to take it easy till next tuesday, when she is coming here and we will go for a walk together.

She also thinks I should use the mask when exercising, which in all honesty I am really not very happy about as I have never worn my oxygen mask in public before. It makes me look like Darth Vader, I might scare small children. Nevermind. But it is just another hurdle really, and I am sure once I have been out once wearing it I will be fine.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Stairs! YAY!

Not strictly part of my training regime, but on Saturday I went to visit some friends who live in a flat which is up 2 flights of stairs.

Last time I went, I was carried, which I did rather enjoy, but I decided this time that I wanted to give the stairs a shot myself. So with my lovely friend carrying my O2, I walked (albeit extremely slowly!) up one flight of stairs, stopped for a slightly lengthy breather, then walked up the second.

It sounds small, it took about 10 minutes, but I cant really express how damn chuffed I feel. I wanted to run around punching the air and cheering, but was rather tired!! Not feeling any real ill affects except for quite a bit of chest pain today, but I get chest pain regularly and it isnt anything some painkillers cant fix...

Proof my training is working, and that excercise is beneficial! YAY!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Session no.4

It is a friday, the sun is shining, and it is just generally glorious outside. So perfect weather for training session number 4!

Because of the lovely weather, there were a few more people out and about, in their front gardens etc, which was a little bit nervewracking. I am a bit self concious walking about as I am a)slow b)wearing tubes up my nose and c) sound somewhat like a steamtrain in labour, however I would only advise someone else to stride on by and hold their head high so I did the same. And of course naturally no one noticed and/or cared.

We walked the entire length of the road and back, and I didnt pause once, although I did have to slow right down half way as I was becoming more and more breathless and really didnt want to have to stop altogether. As it is so gorgeous out we decided to push it that little bit further and walk on a bit further before turning back. At this point I did have to move my O2 up to 4 litres, but that is fine, as it enabled me to finish the walk a lot more comfortably and meant I didnt stop once! YAY!!

So once again a success, really do love this walking malarky, I just wish I could walk further as then it would last longer. Think I will start driving to a park and walking there so I can sit down and relax in the sunshine midway.

photo - coughing which ensued after photo two in the previous post. Laughter makes great physiotherapy!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

3rd walk and photoness.


Been for my 3rd walk today, up and down my road again with my sister being my ever faithful assistant. This one was probably actually more physically demanding as a) Abs was also acting as official photographer (looking more like creepy stalker who instead of helping poor girl with oxygen ran behind taking photos) and b) we kept laughing as every time the camera was produced I developed a kind of tin man walk. Hmm. Hopefully have managed to put up some pics of me in action.

Anyway after much hilarity and a 3rd party
taking some of the last snaps, we got back indoors. I felt good whilst walking, my lungs were doing really well today, but afterwards I did feel rather dizzy and had a bit of chest pain. Hey ho, I put that down to the laughter rather than anything else!

The team is now up to over 40 members which is FANTASTIC. We are looking at purchasing pink and sparkly wings for all members to link us together - I have a feeling I have already posted about this but as you can see its one of the elements at the forefront of my mind!

photo1: Not posed at all then...

photo2: Laughing and walking, what a multitasker!