Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Long time no post!

Ooops, sorry for the huge lack of posting on this blog, hopefully those who follow my
main blog will know that it is because I have been out and about doing an awful lot of living, so for good reasons!

It has taken me some time to get back to strength from my last infection, but I am gradually getting less breathless and able to do more. when I first came out of hospital I was extremely breathless moving from one room to the next, but now I am much more mobile, which in turn will help strengthen my lungs further, hurrah! My physio came yesterday and checked my lung function and oxygen saturations, both of which are fine and stable. I am building up again on the walking front, and itching to get back to my good old wanders down the road.

It is National Transplant Week this week, and excitingly Emma and I were invited to the launch at the House of Lords, where I did a speech (which Emma was forced to contribute to due to my lungs not liking the idea of talking solidly for 10 minutes).

We have also been on various news items both on TV and radio round the country, so a busy week, but a good one. Whilst talking is infact like training, as it leaves me very tired (although some may dispute whether that is due to poorly lungs or the sheer volume of chat) I think it is really time that I got my training back on track, so will be dragging my sister down the road with me once more in the very near future - watch this space!

Photo 1: Sue Saville interviewing us for ITV news.

Photo 2: Me and my "I'm serious here" face and excessive gesturing.

On first attempt at publishing this blog I appear to have got far too over excited and published it three times, perhaps subconsciously trying to make up for the long gaps between updates. Hopefully it's correct now!