Saturday, June 23, 2007

Learning to space it out.

Current FVC: 2.45 FEV1: 2.02

ooh I have been terribly naughty and not keeping this blog updated nicely!

OK so Tuesday:

Treadmill: 20mins at 4.3km/h
Cross Trainer: 5mins
1/2 Weights completed (I was tired).

Annoyed that I didn't do more at the gym, on Wednesday I did a 20 minute walk into town. This was clearly pushing it a bit however as I struggled to get back to the car, and once I got home fell straight asleep for 4 hours. I may space out my exercise a bit more than that in the future...

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Pink in a world of black and white.

FVC: 2.45 FEV1 1.97

Treadmill: 16 mins
Bike: 4.30 mins
Crosstrainer: 5 mins
All weights completed
Sit ups completed

Another round at the gym; I am getting slightly more confident every time. Even though I still blatently don't fit in (everyone else seems to be in white Tshirts with black bottoms, I am in a pink stripey vest top and pink jogging bottoms) I am getting to know the little customs - wiping down the equipment after use, working out which attachment goes on the weights, being able to work my own padlock first time, that sort of thing.

I was overjoyed at my progress on the Crosstrainer, which I found incredibly hard last time, until I looked at the screen and realised I hadn't upped the level at all therefore was actually working less hard than last time. Never mind. On the whole, pleased with my progress, and definitely enjoying it still!

Monday, June 04, 2007

How lovely bobbing along...

FVC: 2.27 FEV1: 1.94

Went swimming yesterday, we took Abby as part of her birthday present. My transplant has clearly made me wussier when it comes to water as yet again I spent a rather long time edging myself into the pool. We did several lengths, then I raced my mother (and won. again. Ha) and then she decided it would be a bright idea to try running through the water as this would be harder work therefore better fitness training. The result was neither pretty nor highly successful. It probably made for amusing viewing though. A few more lengths later, and I decided to call it a day. Definitely more swimming done than last time, big yay for that!