Saturday, June 23, 2007

Learning to space it out.

Current FVC: 2.45 FEV1: 2.02

ooh I have been terribly naughty and not keeping this blog updated nicely!

OK so Tuesday:

Treadmill: 20mins at 4.3km/h
Cross Trainer: 5mins
1/2 Weights completed (I was tired).

Annoyed that I didn't do more at the gym, on Wednesday I did a 20 minute walk into town. This was clearly pushing it a bit however as I struggled to get back to the car, and once I got home fell straight asleep for 4 hours. I may space out my exercise a bit more than that in the future...


claire ward said...

wow your doing well! i hate the gym and get so bored. cant belive your doing the corss trainer, that has got to be the hardest thing to do!
claire w

suzie said...

OMG this is the first time I've looked at your training blog, how brilliant are you doing eh!!!

I can't do the cross trainer thing I end up going into spasm and arms and legs wave about wildly because my co-ordination is rubbish.

Well done chuck
Sue x

Lizzie said...

i don't even know what a cross trainer is! sums me up really!

Anonymous said...

well done such an inspiration to us all!!!!

will sponser you VERY soon .
hugz take it steady1 xx Elaine & Rach :D
'go girl' ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily. I'm Cath, Jessica Bourg's mum (she was a friend of Abigail's in junior school, so looooong time ago!!)

Just wanted to say how happy/thrilled/delighted we were to hear your transplant news! I heard the name "Emily" with CF mentioned on the radio the other day and when I got home Jess had seen it on the news and was jumping up and down with excitement!

Wishing you a long, happy, healthy life - you are such an inspiration!! Love to you and all your family.

Cath & Jess Bourg