Friday, May 05, 2006

Session no.4

It is a friday, the sun is shining, and it is just generally glorious outside. So perfect weather for training session number 4!

Because of the lovely weather, there were a few more people out and about, in their front gardens etc, which was a little bit nervewracking. I am a bit self concious walking about as I am a)slow b)wearing tubes up my nose and c) sound somewhat like a steamtrain in labour, however I would only advise someone else to stride on by and hold their head high so I did the same. And of course naturally no one noticed and/or cared.

We walked the entire length of the road and back, and I didnt pause once, although I did have to slow right down half way as I was becoming more and more breathless and really didnt want to have to stop altogether. As it is so gorgeous out we decided to push it that little bit further and walk on a bit further before turning back. At this point I did have to move my O2 up to 4 litres, but that is fine, as it enabled me to finish the walk a lot more comfortably and meant I didnt stop once! YAY!!

So once again a success, really do love this walking malarky, I just wish I could walk further as then it would last longer. Think I will start driving to a park and walking there so I can sit down and relax in the sunshine midway.

photo - coughing which ensued after photo two in the previous post. Laughter makes great physiotherapy!


Shadow said...

YAY for you!!!! Sounds as if you're going great guns - in the confidence department too! Couldn't get the pic to open so can't comment on that though. I'll try again later!

Sian said...

wohoo! go emily wemily! and everytime i read your blog, it makes me think how much i need to exercise! xxx

Sarah Milne said...

Go Emily - fantastic!!! You are such an inspiration to so many. I can't get the pics to open either though. Can picture the scene though. It sounds like much laughter follows you around x x x

Nicola said...

Well done Em,loved the pictures,especially " tin man pose". :)