Wednesday, August 23, 2006

These shoes were made for walking....

On my other blog (see the menu on the right) I have waffled on and on about shoe selection so I shall try and keep most of this to exercise!

I have increased my training sessions from 1X daily to 2Xdaily as of today, and the first attempt went really well. I was obviously having a good day too, as my heartrate didn't rocket or anything, although this may have been due to me talking a bit less and concentrating on breathing a bit more.

We still haven't worked out the length of the ward (attempting to discuss it today with two physios who are incidentally also female was most amusing as we came to the conclusion after much serious debate that actually none of us had the faintest idea) but I do know that I am increasing in stamina a tiny bit from little signs, such as heartrate and speed of walking. I need to sit down at about 30 yard intervals I think, but seeing as I will have the wheelchair right next to me this shouldn't be a problem.

Only 11 days to go now and I am getting excited but also a tad nervous. I am not quite sure how well my body will cope with all the excitement (I am not very good at sitting still and being quiet, ask anyone who has ever met me) but we have now raised over £6500 which is a staggering amount and all the more inspiring to get there and get across that line!

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