Monday, August 14, 2006


After a very up and down few weeks, where I have gone as low as it is possible to go and still survive, and then shot upwards improving at an astonishing rate, I moved out of the High Dependancy Unit (for the second time!) and back to the CF ward yesterday. The chest drain is out (woohoo!) and things are definitely looking more stable (she says touching all the wood in the vicinity) and so I have been talking to the doctors and physios about setting up a programme to help me get my strength back.

Essentially my poor little lung muscles are exhausted, similar to how ones leg muscles must feel after completing a marathon or something I suspect, when they just seize up and refuse to function nicely. Plus being tied to the bed because of the suction pump and chest drain has resulted in significant muscle loss in my legs, which were really rather scrawny anyway! So the physio is coming back this afternoon to help me work out a plan of exercises to do, which I intend to get cracking on straight away, so I can start working my way back to some sort of normal strength.

I am determined to be there on September 3rd, but obviously it would be even nicer if I could actually walk some of the distance as well. I had worked so hard and managed to get myself up to quite a good distance, but need to start again now as at present moving from the bed to the chair leaves me breathless.

The fantastic thing is that this challenge really gives me something to aim towards and so I will hopefully attack my rehabilitation and exercise with more gusto (does anyone say gusto anymore?!). I always work better with a target in sight, and the thought of getting across that finish line with all those wonderful Angels who have given up their time and energy to be there, not to mention the hundreds of people who have sponored us, is more than enough inspiration!


Michele said...

Well done emily glad to hear you are doing well keep up the good work.

Best wishes

Kat said...

I know you'll be there with us :) x