Sunday, August 20, 2006

Highs and Lows

As I knew all along, my training regime is definitely not a stable nor ordinary one! One day I will be able to do the entire length of the ward in a comical manner (with high knee kicks and all sorts) and the next I will be breathless after 1/4 of the distance. But still variety is the spice of life, and of course that does mean if I have a bad training day, I know there is every possibility the next day will be far more successful. I had quite a painful drain in from Friday to Saturday which I thought would interrupt training somewhat, but then to my surprise on Friday afternoon I managed the entire length of the ward again, after only managing 1/2 the day before! This was fantastic as it helped me accept the pain more because the drain was obviously doing its job and allowing the lung to inflate more fully.

Sadly my lung decided that it didn't want that drain in thank you very much, and quite literally pushed it out yesterday. So today I am back to feeling that dull pressure on my lung, which isn't painful, it just makes me breathless a lot quicker, so I have done less exercise today. I marched (my idea of marching may vary from yours both in speed and height of leg raising!) on the spot for 2 mins this afternoon, and will hopefully do another walk later. Every little bit helps though, and I am staying positive that on the day of the challenge it will be a good day and I will be able to walk my furthest distance yet!

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Alice (diddyangel) said...

hi emily, charlie's friend alice here, just wanted to say that your a true inspiration, and i truly admire how your determined not to give up! you CF lot arent half a subborn bunch!!! lol im sure that your marching is more impressive than we could ever imagine! looking forward to seein you on the day, and even if we have to drag you or carry you i know you'll make it to the end! Good luck to you and all the other angels.
sending love and hugs,
go beat that corridor girl!!!
Love Alice xxx