Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Minor setback

Well perhaps not so minor, but am determined that it will only be minor in the long run! On Wednesday the 19th I suffered a pneumothorax (collapsed lung) on the right side, and then a further two in the following 24 hours, putting me in a critical state in intensive care for a short period. My rather small body has yet again proven to be stronger than anyone could have hoped and I am now fighting back hard, and was back on the exercise bike 24 hours after moving out of intensive care.

I have no reserve capacity on my lungs, so I know how vital it is that I cherish each and every bit I have by exercising and medicating them as much as I can to preserve my lung function. I still have a chest drain in as my lung hasn't mended yet, but we are taking each day as it comes and each day there is notable progress, with my amazing family and my hospital giving 100% support. A much more full account of my escapades can be seen on my other blog, by clicking here.

On a much more bright note, we now have over £4300 worth of sponsorship so a huge THANK YOU to every single person who has donated. I have also been named fundraiser of the month by Justgiving, which is a lovely gesture, so a big well done and hurah to the whole team, come on Emily's Angels, we are going to do this and raise loads of money and I am going to walk over that damn finish line chest drain or no chest drain!


livvy said...

Emily - I'll make sure your upright for that walk across the finish line personally! We all know you can do it - and if you can - we can. It's getting steadily nearer and nearer and I'm getting excited now that I'm booked into a Hotel with Gill! Just need to find a way of getting there on the Friday now - woo hoo! A whole weekend of merriment - one to be remembered for a very long time.
Take it easy - take it steady - and take it slowly and you'll be there even if we have to push you round in your bed! XX

Kat said...

You're such a star, Em! I hope you know what an inspiration you are to so many people, with and without CF. I have no doubt you'll be there at the run, with all of us (your angels!) supporting you, no worries :) Well done on being named fundraiser of the month, wooo! Keep looking after yourself, and keep smiling! :) Loads of love xxx