Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tortoise and the Hare

FVC: 2.84 FEV1: 2.32

Treadmill: Half an hour!!! Av 4.7km/h
Cross trainer: 2 mins (what can I say I was knackered)
Weights: only arms completed.

I decided to try and attack this from a different angle this time. No matter how hard I try, when I am pounding away on the treadmill at 5km/h I can't seem to push myself over 20 minutes without risk of flying backwards off the treadmill cartoon-style. So I figured as distance is the important thing here (not speed) I would slow down as my legs began to seize up, but still keep going. And it WORKED! Added another 10 minutes onto my time, and felt ok afterwards! So if I can just creep up 5 minutes at a time over the next month, I think it'll be feasable that I can complete the whole thing. WOOHOO. Obviously not quite as fast as I would have hoped (was hoping to do it in an hour, hence the whole training at 5km/h malarky) but hey as others have pointed out, if I finish the whole thing at all it will be fantastic. So that's all I'm going to aim for.

This post is entitled Tortoise and the Hare for that reason. "Slow and steady wins the race" and all that. Actually this is a very important motto for me, as someone told it to my mum early on in my transplant when I was struggling to move forward at all, and it kept her going, then when I was conscious enough to understand things, kept me going too. Hopefully on the day it will prove correct again.

I got my running, no wait, walking number through in the post yesterday so now it is very very real! I am still trying to decide what to have on my banner. Oh did I not mention that? Clearly this isn't going to be hard enough so I will be attempting to carry a banner explaining my scenario all the way round the course. Have already got in mind people who I will pass it over to when my arms are killing me...

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