Friday, August 17, 2007

A brand new experience!

FVC: 2.67 FEV1: 2.16

Treadmill: 20 mins av 5.2 km/h
Bike: 5 mins
All weights completed

This morning was really good. My mum and sisters picked me up bright and early as they were heading to aqua aerobics. I saw some of the class, it looks like fun, but I'm just not confident enough yet to go at someone elses pace; what if I need to stop then look like a fruitcake on my own? Anyway, whilst they splashed around "gracefully" I took myself off to the gym and did a really good workout. And even more excitingly I JOGGED for the first time!!!!!!! OK it was only for 60 seconds at a time before my legs felt like rubber, and I had to grip the handlebars as I felt so unsteady, but still YAY. Kept above 5km for the entire thing (except for 2 mins cool down) and felt extremely....well worked out afterwards.

With that and the bike combined I did just over 3k. I am a bit worried still though, less than a month to go and really I would have liked to be doing 4k in one go by now....I think September may be more of a struggle than I anticipated but am still determined to do it.

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Oli said...

Crikey blimey, lady - with all the rubbish little tubes, ties, lines, bags and machines that go with the end stages of a debilitating lung condition, you'd have thought you'd have got used to ignoring people when you think you look like a complete fruitcake.

Stepping out the back of an aerobics class is merely a new version of an old challenge.

And since when were you one to shirk a challenge?