Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Training of sorts.

Current Lung Function: FVC 2.37 FEV1 2.09

Saturday counts as a training day to me as I went to Thorpe Park. For those who have been (or been to any Theme park) the place is huge, and since I stopped using the wheelchair completely about a month ago now, I decided to try the whole thing on foot. We arived around 9am and were padding round all day till 5! I also suspect the amount of screaming I did on certain rides was good for strengthening the lungs.

It was hard work, and I had to sit down for breaks at quite a few intervals, but generally I felt really good afterwards (after a long sleep that is). Unfortunately neither Sarah or myself brought the pedometer so I don't know exactly how far I walked. Am guessing it was quite good training though! 2nd gym induction tomorrow, we shall see how it goes...

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Kat said...

Ooh, Thorpe Park sounds much more fun than the gym! Sounds like a pretty tough work out, too!

What do FVC and FEV1 actually stand for/mean...? It's probably really obvious but I can't figure it out...! And are 2.37 and 2.09 good/average/normal...? Sorry for being so ignorant!

Love always xxx