Thursday, May 24, 2007

Angels take flight!

Now I have posted my long and official type blog I can start waffling for real, woohoo!

Today I joined my local gym! This really was the most bizarre experience, I feel totally out of place amongst the lycra-clad lean bodies pounding along on the treadmill, but wore my nice pink jogging bottoms and a vaguely sporty looking vest top, and grasping my gym bag (purchased by my mother) tried to saunter nonchalantly in as if it were totally normal and acceptable for me to be there.

The man who did my induction was lovely. I may have scared him somewhat when actually confessing that my "small op" was a double lung transplant. I did however reassure him that I was safe to start gentle gym exercise and that I would double check again with my team and get a confirming letter. I have been walking half hour walks for a while now so I want to do a bit more, and I would like to work on my muscle strength which is quite frankly currently that of the pilsbury dough boy.

I was introduced to many daunting and formidable looking machines and attempted them one by one. I struggled greatly on the first two (bike and cross trainer) which was quite dispiriting, however once I got onto the treadmill I found a comfortable stride and was able to maintain it for 5 minutes (woo!) Bearing in mind in February I could not lift my own head, let alone walk, I feel this wasn't too bad a start.

I also learned what all the weight machines (which looked to me like complicated methods of torture) do and how to work them (I shall be asking for assistance next time I encounter them I'm sure.) After an hour wandering round and trying everything out, I left feeling slighty more confident and pretty determined to get stuck into this. Today revealed I have an AWFUL lot of work to do, I struggled with 3 minutes on the bike, but that is what challenges are for, so I should stop worrying about it and get going! Next session is wednesday, also with a trainer's guidance. Pink trainers check, sporty type water bottle check, bring it on....


Kat said...

Woo! The return of the Hydro Active Blog! :D

Hannah said...

you have to get one of these:

Julia said...

Well done Em you'll be so fit!!
Take it slowly though and you'll make great progress.
Love Julia

Jac said...

When you were struggling to do 3 minutes on the bike, did the instructor remind you to stop talking? ;-)

Good on you for joining the gym though - nice to set some challenges!

Jac xx