Wednesday, May 30, 2007

sponge legs

FVC: 2.23 FEV1 1.81

Treadmill: 18 mins
Bike: 4 mins
Cross Trainer: 3 mins
All weights completed.

Ohmygoodness I am so not naturally sporty! Neither is my brain it seems, as I jumped expectantly into the car, sped off to the gym...and realised I had not brought my gym bag with me. I had however remembered to bring my handbag which was of no use whatsoever and would get in the way prompting me to hide it in the car. I rang my mother to tell her and she errupted into gales of laughter. Supportive.

It is fantastic because I am now no longer out of puff merely from glancing at the equipment, but my legs are like pieces of sponge. The treadmill is definitely my favourite but something tells me I shouldn't just stick to that as I wont develop other muscles (no one professional is telling me that, that is my guess). The bike just kills my legs after about 2 minutes, but at least I managed a minute longer this time than last week. And did a great deal longer on the treadmill so yay!

Lung func staying ok, Harefield tomorrow so we shall see what they have to say about this persistant wheezing which keeps cropping up...oh and I am going to do a glossary post (idea nicked from Oli's blog) to explain these funny numbers I relay in various blogs and posts!

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