Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Back on task

FEV1: 2.16 FVC 2.65
Treadmill: 16mins at 5km/h
Treadmill on high gradient (hill training) 5mins.
Cross Trainer: 5 mins
Weights completed
Sit-ups done.

After naughty NAUGHTY slacking I have been back at the gym, hurrah! I went with my mother (it's always better with two) and decided to try and go up a gear despite the small pause in training. Having completely lost my jogging bottoms I had to put on what I may or may not normally use as PJ bottoms (they look like jogging bottoms, honest) resulting in gales of laughter from my mother.

I upped my speed and also increased the gradient a bit, and managed surprisingly ok. 5km/h is what I wanted to get to speed wise, and now to work on the length of time I can maintain it really.

Tiredness has come back into play. I am thinking it's probably because I am doing too much, but I am struggling to slow down. This week will be quieter though (that's what I said last week) and I will try and rest up a bit more.

Although I haven't been at the gym recently, I did do a huge walk round london the other day which we calculated to over 3km, and am still continuing to use the stairs all the time etc to try and maintain a basic level of training. Still moving forwards, but 5k seems like an awfully long way away, I really hope I can do this....

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Kat said...

You can! We all have faith in you! :)