Friday, September 01, 2006

Final test run

Today I decided (with much encouragement from my physio who I think just wanted a good laugh) to don the entire outfit which consists of: A cerise coloured fairydress, pale pink sparkly wings, hot pink tights, hot pink legwarmers, a hot pink wand, and trainers with hot pink markings and laces - and go for a test walk fully costumed!

I was pretty nervous and the typical symptoms of over excitement set in, freezing cold hands and feet, my heart rate up nice and high over 130 somewhere, and breathless before I had even started, but this is why it was so good to have a trial run, as things calmed down as I got more used to walking around with my huge array of pinkness on!

We walked slowly up and down the corridor, I was clutching a sponsorship form and sparkly pink pen and managed to gather another £60 of sponsorship en route which is fantastic! I also walked outside for the first time in 6 weeks; it is very different walking outside rather than indoors, and whilst it wasn't that much harder it was slightly more tiring.

The only thing I am slightly concerned about is I was absolutely exhausted after the training session. I desperately want to have some energy left post race so I can talk to people and thank people for all the amazing effort and support they have put in, but I may have to go straight to sleep if that is what my body is telling me to do. We shall see. But all in all I am very excited and confident that I have prepared for this as much as I possibly can. Tomorrow I will be going for very short walks only (just to stretch my legs and open up my lungs a bit) so this is it....come on Sunday I am ready!!


Shadow said...

Yay for dress rehearsals!!! Your outfit sounds fab. (Much pinker than my poor attempt in Claire's for pink hair bands this morning.)
Can't wait to see you in full pink finery on Sunday. Keep your strength up and you'll have plenty of time for chatting on the way round, if you need to sleep afterwards then you go get some rest hun!
The excitement is building!!!!
Hugs xxxxxxxx

Kat said...

Wow, can't wait to see all that pink! You're going to be fab on SUnday! xxx

claire221082 said...

Being privalged enough to of been present for purchasing of said fairy dress and encouraging the wearing of wings, i too am very excited to see the full outfit. Especially those of us that are teaming beautiful pink winks with bright yellow CF trust t-shirts! Very excited,fingers crossed for the weather!

NikkiNoodles said...

Emily, best of luck for Sunday. I'll be there running (well, jogging a bit and walking a lot) for the Mengitis Research Foundation. So if a mad woman in glasses and a purple running vests bounds up and ays hello, that'll be me.
The way you approach life is humbling, fingers crossed that you get The Call soon, and I hope you and your angels have afantastic day tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

My name is John Shannon, I'm a moderator at

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Like you I believe that exercise is vital - for good health - along with vitamins & amino acids.

I still had breathing problems though that affected sleeping when lying down - its much worse.

I have a solution for that too, and perhaps it will help you too and all of you at CF UK.

That is to take a small amount of liquorice (mine are small dutch liquorice cats - I got from New Zealand). One or two pieces - last thing at night - clears the lungs.

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