Sunday, June 18, 2006

Hospital and pursed lips.

After managing to survive my hectic week with astonishing poise and style, my lungs then decided that they had been big and brave a bit too much recently, and at the slightest hint of humid and muggy weather, promptly threw in the towel and had a big strop. This resulted me being carted into hospital on Thursday, as I couldn't really do much except lie down and puff at people, so came in for some rest, Intravenous (IV) Antibiotics, and general TLC. Struggling to breathe even when my O2 mask was on, and I was lying still wasn't a particularly nice feeling so I was relieved to be admitted.

In an almost apologetic manner my little lungs have made a remarkably swift recovery, and I am almost well enough to continue the IV treatment at home (yay!). Obviously training has gone completely to pot, however I take full advantage of the physios when I am in, and request twice daily visits, and go for walks with them as often as they will take me (not sure whether that makes me a model patient or an annoying one!). So I have been doing daily walks, twice daily when I can, just up and down the corridor, at first about 20 ft then sitting down to catch my breath, and gradually building it up from there. My physio taught me a fantastic technique yesterday where you purse your lips as you breathe out whilst walking, it cuts down on the air trapping which my lungs are renound for and in turn increases the length of time before I am completely out of puff. The only drawback (for me) is that I can no longer talk when walking. Not that I am supposed to anyway, as the physio always tells me off for doing so, probably to give her ears a break more than anything else!

I think the most frustrating thing about these exacurbations in relation to training is that you go back to square one, and have to build up from the bottom - where the out of breath stage is merely putting on the shoes to go walking - all over again. However I am already moving forwards again, and hey, no one ever said this was going to be easy...wouldn't be called a challenge really then would it?!


livvy said...
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livvy said...

Whoops! Deleted my comment instead of correcting it!

Yes, it is a challenge, but it wouldn't be a challenge if you hadn't set it. Over 60 women, so far, have taken you up on your challenge and I am more than certain if you hadn't set it, there wouldn't be as many doing it. I for one would never have considered getting on a train on my own and sauntering around Hyde Park in a pink tutu and pink wings ..... !!!
Remember, your precious to many, so purse your lips, don't chatter and tomorrow you'll be walking 40 foot instead of 20!
Much love, as always, xx

Emmie said...

Are you sure that was a technique designed to help your breathing Em and not just a way of getting you to shut up? ;o) Just kidding hun, you're doing great! Can't believe how quickly those lungs have begun behaving again, mind you if I were them I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of you......
Much love and hugnesses xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

MoO said...

glad your feeling better girlie! I think I might try the pursing lips thing myself whilst training? you are such an inspiration, who else could get me running up the hill in public in my shorts turning purple??....... well anyone with CF really, but you have powered us all on with your determination, you are a credit to us all. Much love from MoO xxxx