Saturday, April 29, 2006

Sponsorship and ice cream rewards

The justgiving page which allows people to sponsor us online went up a couple of days ago and thanks to wonderful support and generosity we are already up to £270! Yay!

Inspired by people jumping to sponsor us so early on, I went for my second big walk yesterday. It was slightly longer than Tuesdays, as I walked down my parents road and back. I think I was having a less good day as well, as I found it much tougher. My heart rate went well over 170 and so as I have previously been instructed to do, I paused to allow it to sink back down to human levels!

As we made our way back down the road, an Ice Cream van pulled up, music blaring away. Abs decided that an ice cream reward was in order so we purchased one each and for the parents, which bought me yet another recovery period as we deliberated, chose and paid, and then made our way back to the house.

So training session number 2 - a success, but much harder. Was left feeling more breathless and more tired, but as with everything with CF there are good days and bad days, so training session number 3 will definitely be a good day, I can feel it!


livvy said...

Inspired by your determination to cross that finish line on foot, I have dusted down my bike to get shifting my spare tyre!
Your a true inspiration Miss. :-)
And what were you doing up at 1.35 am pray tell?! XX

Shadow said...

YAY!! Go girl!!! You'll be walking across that finish line and a long way before it too and don't you forget it! Can't wait for the big day - only wish I had some spare time for training.
Hugs xxxx

Shadow again! said...

Hmm, there's something wrong with the clocks on these things - it's 2.31pm, not 6.31am as in my last post! Weird!